Hear what parents who have tried doTERRA have to say:

"My son had fever last week and I was introduced by a friend to try doTERRA's peppermint oil. After applying it on his feet, chest and back of his neck, he sweat & his temperature dropped from 37.5 degrees to 36.9 degrees within 15mins. He was running around actively in no time!"
- Julie, housewife

"My 14-month old daughter gets sick easily because she has to be in an infantcare centre on weekdays when I was at work. Recently she has been caught by the flu bug again and she was also coughing badly. Doctor's medicine couldn't make her sleep well especially at night. After a week, I diffused doTERRA's "Breathe" in her room as recommended by a friend. And to my surprise, that night she managed to sleep through a good 5-6hrs without a single cough! In 2 days, she doesn't even cough anymore. I'm amused by its effect."
- Ben, IT

"I was starting to experience the symptoms of a runny nose and my nose was itchy and irritating. I diffused "OnGuard" in my room and sleep with it that night hoping to clear the air of germs as my daughter sleeps with me in my room. And to my delight, I woke up feeling all refreshed and my flu didn't even start at all."
- Connie, Account Manager

"My nephew (2yrs old) had been having quite a bad fever and his temperature never seems to drop even after seeing a doctor and taking his prescribed medicine. I was recommended to let him try doTERRA's Peppermint essential oil and to apply it on his feet and chest. And surprisingly, his temperature dropped. I was skeptical at first but somehow it proved me wrong."
- Jas, AVP

"My 1yr old son had fever from virus infection and it lasted for days. As recommended by my friend, i applied doTERRA's peppermint on his feet (covered by socks) and his chest area. He broke out into sweat in about 20mins and his temperature dropped indeed. I make sure my bottle of Peppermint is always available in the house now!"
- Cherry, Account Manager